About IN SUM

IN SUM is a database containing systematic reviews on effects of child and adolescent mental health and welfare interventions.

15-20% of Norwegian children and youth develop such major mental health problems that they function poorly in everyday life. In addition, 4.5% of Norwegian children and adolescents receive assistance or interventions from Child Welfare Services due to neglect, abuse and/or behavioral problems. Preventive interventions can lead to fewer children and adolescents developing these types of issues, while treatment is needed for those with a clinical diagnosis. The big question, however, is which interventions are the most effective?

IN SUM is developed in consultation with practitioners working with children and youth. The main purpose is to contribute to evidence-based practice (and evidence-based research) by making summarized evidence available to our target group.

Our primary target group are researchers, research funders, stakeholders, leaders and practitioners working with children and youth. IN SUM can also be a relevant source of knowledge for young people (and their guardians) who receive mental health or welfare interventions.

Systematic reviews provide knowledge of the benefits and disadvantages associated with various interventions. Systematic reviews can also be used to uncover where evidence is lacking (knowledge gaps) and to establish an overview of existing studies before planning and conducting a new study. 


Editorial team

IN SUM is developed by RBUP (Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Eastern and Southern Norway). The editorial team consists of researchers, experts in conducting systematic literature searches and staff members with expertise in knowledge management and evidence-based practice.

Editor - Håkon Natanael Winje (Project coordinator, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)

Assistant Editor - Kristine Ludvigsen (Advisor, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)

Editorial staff - Brynhildur Axelsdottir (Information Specialist and Senior Advisor, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)

Editorial staff - Ingrid Borren (Researcher, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)

Editorial staff - Mari Elvsåshagen (Librarian and Senior Consultant, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)

Editorial staff - Karianne Hammerstrøm Nilsen (Librarian and Senior Advisor, RBUP Eastern and Southern Norway)



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