Psykoterapi for barn og unge som har opplevd seksuelt misbruk: Metaanalyse

The psychological treatment of sexual abuse in children and adolescents: A meta-analysis

Sanchez-Meca, J. Rosa-Alcazar, A. I. Lopez-Soler, C.
International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology
[Correction Notice: An erratum for this article was reported in Vol 11(2) of International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology (see record 2011-10215-011). In the original article, Table 3 was incorrect. The corrected Table 3 is given in the erratum.] By means of a meta-analytic review, the current study investigated the efficacy of the psychological treatment of children and adolescents that have suffered sexual abuse. Thirty-three articles met our selection criteria and, using the group as the analysis unit, the meta-analytic database was composed of 44 treatment groups and 7 control groups. The effect size index was the standardized mean change between the pretest and the posttest means, and it was separately applied for different outcome measures (sexualised behaviours, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, behaviour problems, and other outcomes) and assessment methods (child self-reports, parent reports, and clinician assessments). For all of the outcome measures, the mean effect size for the treatment groups was statistically and clinically significant, whereas the control groups did not achieve a significant improvement. Significant differences among the various psychological treatment approaches were found for the global outcome measure, sexualised behaviours, and behaviour problems. In general, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioural treatments combined with supportive therapy and a psychodynamic element (e.g., play therapy) showed the best results. Finally, the implications for clinical practice and for future research of the results in this field are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved) (journal abstract).

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Psykiske vansker og lidelser


Antisosial atferd (vold/aggresjon, ungdomskriminalitet)

Følelsesmessige problemer

Depresjon og nedstemthet (inkl. både vansker og lidelse)


Angst og engstelighet (inkl. både vansker og lidelse)

Traumatiske belastninger/stress (PTSD)

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Kognitiv atferdsterapi, atferdsterapi og kognitiv terapi


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Barn i førskolealder (3-5 år)

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