Forebygging av rusmiddelbruk hos barn og unge med psykiske problemer: Systematisk oversikt

Prevention of substance use in children/adolescents with mental disorders: a systematic review

Salvo, N. K. Bennett, K. A. Cheung, A. Y. Chen, Y. M. Rice, M. B. Rush, B. H. Bullock, H. A. Bowlby, A. Evidence on Tap Concurrent Disorders Collaborative Team
Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
OBJECTIVE: WE CONDUCTED A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW TO ANSWER THE QUESTION: Among youth <18 years of age with a mental disorder, does substance use prevention compared to no prevention result in reduced rates of substance use/abuse/disorder (SUD)? The review was requested by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care through the Canadian Institutes for Health Research Evidence on Tap program. METHODS: A four-step search process was used: Search 1 and 2: Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that evaluated a SUD prevention intervention in individuals with a mental disorder who were: 1) <18 years; or, 2) any age. Search 3: Observational studies of an intervention to prevent SUD in those with mental disorder. Search 4: RCTs that evaluated a SUD primary prevention skills-based intervention in high-risk youth <18 years. RESULTS: Searches 1 and 2: one RCT conducted in youth was found; Search 3: two observational studies were found. All three studies reported statistically significant reductions in substance use. Search 4: five RCTs were found with mixed results. Methodological weaknesses including inadequate study power may explain the results. CONCLUSIONS: Little is known about effective interventions to prevent SUD in youth with a mental disorder. Effective SUD primary prevention programs exist and should be evaluated in this high-risk group.

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