Mindfulness-baserte tiltak blant ungdommer med kroniske sykdommer i kliniske settinger: Systematisk oversikt

Mindfulness-Based Interventions Among Adolescents With Chronic Diseases in Clinical Settings: A Systematic Review

Abujaradeh, H. Safadi, R. Sereika, S. M. Kahle, C. T. Cohen, S. M.
Journal of Pediatric Health Care
INTRODUCTION: We aimed to determine the benefits/efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) implemented among adolescents with chronic diseases in clinical settings. METHODS: An electronic search of PubMed, CINAHL, and PsycINFO databases was conducted in November 2017 to identify studies in which mindfulness was the primary intervention delivered for adolescents with chronic diseases to improve psychological and physical health. RESULTS: Nineteen eligible studies were included in this review. Fifteen studies included adolescents with psychiatric or pain disorders, and four included adolescents with a chronic physical disorders. Psychological outcomes and pain were examined in most studies with effect sizes for MBIs ranging from small to large. DISCUSSION: MBI studies conducted in clinical settings mainly engaged adolescents with psychiatric or pain disorders. The effectiveness of MBIs on improving psychological outcomes were inconsistent. Large randomized trials are needed to examine the effectiveness of MBIs and should expand to include adolescents with chronic physical diseases.

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Type of intervention

Treatment and Child Welfare Interventions


Biological Risk Factors, Diseases and Symptoms

Somatic Disease


Psychological Treatments


Psychosocial Treatments

Relaxation Interventions

Age group

Adolescents (13-18 years)

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