Meta-analyses of teacher-delivered trauma-based and trauma-informed care interventions

Meta-analyses of teacher-delivered trauma-based and trauma-informed care interventions

Cafaro, C. L. Gonzalez Molina, E. Patton, E. McMahon, S. D. Brown, M.
Psychological trauma : theory, research, practice and policy
OBJECTIVE: Children impacted by adversity and trauma often experience psychological, emotional, behavioral, and academic difficulties. To address these concerns, there is a growing call for trauma-informed school systems to better support students with trauma histories. Teacher involvement in trauma-informed approaches is vital but understudied. METHOD: We conducted a meta-analytic review of the literature published between 1990 and 2019 to evaluate outcomes for teachers and students involved in teacher-delivered trauma interventions. Inclusion criteria specified peer-reviewed studies, dissertations, and nonacademic reports that used randomized controlled and nonrandomized pre-post intervention designs. RESULTS: We found 20 articles, of which, 12 were pre-post and eight were randomized designs. Seven articles specifically incorporated trauma-informed care (TIC), whereas the other 13 were traditional trauma-based mental health interventions. We conducted meta-analyses to assess student trauma symptom severity and teacher knowledge of trauma-informed practices. Results revealed that after participating in teacher-delivered trauma interventions, students reported significantly reduced trauma symptom severity postintervention and less severity of symptoms than students in the control conditions. There were no differences between trauma-based and TIC intervention student outcomes. Teachers exhibited greater knowledge acquisition after participating in TIC interventions. CONCLUSION: These findings suggest that trauma interventions, both with and without explicitly referencing TIC principles, are evidence-based in the context of teacher-facilitated school interventions. Additional research is needed to evaluate the organizational benefits of TIC, particularly to determine if the benefits of trauma-informed schools extend beyond students. We conclude with research, policy, and practice recommendations for transformative change to create trauma-informed schools. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all rights reserved).

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