En systematisk oversikt over studier med lang oppfølgingstid av skolebaserte tiltak for å forebygge røyking

A systematic review of school-based smoking prevention trials with long-term follow-up

Wiehe, S. E. Garrison, M. M. Christakis, D. A. Ebel, B. E. Rivara, F. P.
Journal of Adolescent Health
Background: Several systematic reviews of school-based smoking prevention trials have shown short-term decreases in smoking prevalence but have not examined long-term follow-up evaluation. The purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic review of rigorously evaluated interventions for school-based smoking prevention with long-term follow-up data. Methods: We searched online bibliographic databases and reference lists from review articles and selected studies. We included all school-based, randomized, controlled trials of smoking prevention with follow-up evaluation to age 18 or 12th grade and at least 1 year after intervention ended, and that had smoking prevalence as a primary outcome. The primary outcome was current smoking prevalence (defined as at least I cigarette in the past month). Results: The abstracts or full-text articles of 177 relevant studies were examined, of which 8 met the selection criteria. The 8 articles included studies differing in intervention intensity, presence of booster sessions, follow-up periods, and attrition rates. Only one study showed decreased smoking prevalence in the intervention group. Conclusions: Few studies have evaluated the long-term impact of school-based smoking prevention programs rigorously. Among the 8 programs that have follow-up data to age 18 or 12th grade, we found little to no evidence of long-term effectiveness. 2005 Society for Adolescent Medicine. All rights reserved.

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Preventive- and Promotive Health Interventions


Drugs and Gambling



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School/Preschoolbased Interventions

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School Aged Children (6-12 years)

Adolescents (13-18 years)

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