A meta-analysis of parenting interventions for immigrants

A meta-analysis of parenting interventions for immigrants

Lim, N. O'Reilly, M. Russell-George, A. Londono, F. V.
Prevention Science
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In light of increasing migration rates and the unique experiences of immigrants, this meta-analysis examined the effects of parenting interventions for immigrants. Specifically, we described the characteristics of parenting interventions for immigrants, examined cultural and/or linguistic adaptations made to the interventions, analyzed intervention effects, and examined potential moderating variables. Four electronic databases were searched in February 2021 for peer-reviewed articles published in English. Studies that involved immigrant parents, used an experimental design, and investigated an intervention targeting skills that parents could use directly with their children were included. Sixteen group design and two single-case design studies met inclusion criteria. The risk of publication bias was examined using funnel plots and found to be low. Overall, most parenting interventions for immigrants focused on young children and were delivered in groups. Interventions produced small to moderate effects on parent and child outcomes, which is comparable to those for the general population. All studies made cultural adaptations, with the most common being language. Moderator analyses indicate that the effects of interventions with surface structure adaptations were similar to those with deep structure adaptations. Limitations included the low methodological rigor of included studies and the exclusion of grey literature. More works of research on the relative effects of specific adaptations, such as ethnicity matching, are needed to better serve this population. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all rights reserved)

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Mental Health Problems and Disorders

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